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Walter Sigle was born on June 17, 1930 in Bad Urach. He attended school in Mainhardt, Oehringen, and Schwaebisch Hall. In 1949 he began his studies in law at the University of Tuebingen. In the spring of 1953 he successfully took his first state exam in the field of law. In 1955 he received his doctorate of jurisprudence and entered a one-semester curriculum at the University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer. In the spring of 1957 he successfully took his second state exam in law in Stuttgart (placing first and best in his state). 

In 1957 he joined the established law and notary firm of Rupp Fehl Scheuing, initially as a legal associate. 

In 1962 he established the Law Firm of Jauch & Sigle together with Dr. Rolf Jauch. Following the departure of Dr. Rolf Jauch in 1982, the firm continued under the name Sigle Loose Schmidt-Diemitz. 

In 1999 the practice merged with the Law Firm of Hasche Eschenlohr Peltzer Riesenkampff Fischoetter, which was already the product of several previous mergers. Since January 1, 2002, the merged practices have borne the name CMS Hasche Sigle. 

1999 also saw the establishment of the CMS Association together with other large European law firms. After this was founded, Dr. Sigle took on the Chairmanship of the CMS Council for the first term of office. At that time, there were approximately 2000 European attorneys involved in the Association. 

The commemorative volume entitled in English "Family Businesses" and published by Dr. Hommelhoff, Dr. Rolf Schmidt-Diemitz, and Dr. Axel Sigle was dedicated to him in June 2000. In the same month, he was awarded the honorary title of “Professor” by the Prime Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg. 

Languages: German, English

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